Amani M. Mhinda

Institutional Affiliation: HakiMadini (Mining Justice) 


Raised in small scale mining communities, Mr Amani Mustafa Mhinda founded HakiMadini, a mining advocacy organization, in the year 2000. He has a strong background in mining law, human rights and the political economy of natural resources. He is an alumnus of the Extractive Governance Fellowship from Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) and Petroleum Policy and Resource Management training from Stavanger, Norway. He has 20 years of cumulative experience on extractive sector governance, policy advocacy and  civil society leadership. Mhinda has been at the forefront in leading civil society and mining-impacted communities  in advocating for legal reforms in Tanzania. His influence on Tanzania’s legal policy reforms in the mining sector, between 2005-2017, has been widely acknowledged. He has been involved in implementation of community development initiatives and capacity-building programs for civil society in Tanzania, and Africa more widely. During 2010-2015 he participated in capacity building in natural resource governance in the East Africa Community Legislature and Liberian Parliament. 

He  sits on the board of  several national and regional initiatives including the Tanzania Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (TEITI); Civil Society Coalition on Extractives in Tanzania (HakiRasilimali); Africa Initiative of Mining, Environment and Society (AIMES) in Ghana; and the International Alliance on Natural Resource in Africa (IANRA) in South Africa. From 2017, he was a convenor of the IIED-led Tanzania Small Scale Mining Dialogue, and a member of Leadership and learning Group (LLG) formed after the dialogue. Mhinda  is currently advising Taita Taveta County (Kenya) on the development of a Mining and Land Access Consent Framework. He has co-authored several research publications, including The status and challenges of Extractive  Industry in Tanzania, commissioned by Society for International Development (2010);  Legal and Voluntary  Tools for Corporate Accountability in Extractives for African Civil Society (Facing  Finance Germany 2012); and Legal Policy Analysis of Renewable Energy in Tanzania (Rosa Luxemburg Foundation 2019) 



Amani Mhinda