Dr. John Lungu  

Institutional Affiliation: Copperbelt University  

Contact: lunguj@cbu.ac.zm 

Professor Lungu has been based at the Copperbelt University, Kitwe Zambia since 1986. He has served as an administrator in the University,  rising to the rank of Vice Chancellor between 1999 and 2003. He has taught courses in economics including macro- and microeconomics, managerial economics, and public finance. He has also taught managerial economics and entrepreneurship in the MBA programme.  His research interests include exploitation of natural resources and their impact on the welfare of communities, issues regarding nationalisation, privatisation and management of companies involved in natural resource exploitation and entrepreneurship. Lungu has published in a wide spectrum of academic journals, and is the author with Alastair Fraser of, For Whom the Windfalls: Winners and Losers in the Privatisation of Zambia’s Copper Mines (2007). Outside academia, he has worked as an economist at the National Commission for Development Planning (1979-1983) and as a Manager at the Small Industries Development Organisation (SIDO) (1983-1986).  

Twitter: @ProfLungu 

Publications (Selected): 

(With Sumbye Kapena) 2010. “South African Mining Companies Corporate Governance Practice in Zambia: The case of Chibuluma Mine Plc” in South African Mining Companies in Southern Africa: Corporate Governance and Social Responsibilities. Southern African Resource Watch. 

The politics of Reforming Zambia’s Mining Tax Regime.” 2009. Resource Insight. Issue No. 8. Southern Africa Resource Watch 

“Mining Development Agreements in Zambia: Negotiation or Law Reform” 2008. Review of African Political Economy, 117: 403-415 

“Socio-economic Change and natural resource exploitation: a case study of the Zambian Copper Mining Industry.” 2008 Development Southern Africa.” 25, 5: 543-560. 

(With Alastair Fraser). 2007. For Whom the Windfall? Winners and losers in the Privatization of Zambia’s Copper Mines. CSTNZ and CCJDP. Lusaka.  

John Lungu