Resource Nationalism(s) in the 21st Century:

Experiences, Innovations and Debates in the Global South

York University (Keele Campus)

Robert Everett Senate Chamber, N940 Ross Building

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

28-30 May 2024


All participants (both those participating in-person and online) must register for the conference by no later than Friday, May 17, 2024.

Zoom meeting links will be provided to online participants upon completion of registration.

Participation in the conference is FREE. A complimentary lunch will be provided to all registered, in-person participants for the 3-day duration of the conference.

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Day 1 – Tuesday, May 28th

9:00-9:15    Welcome and Opening Remarks

9:15-9:45   Resource Nationalism in Southern Africa and Beyond: Project Overview and Aims of the Conference

        Richard Saunders, York University

9:45-11:15  Resource Nationalism in Southern Africa: Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining

Chair: Japhace Poncian, Mkwawa University College of Education

  • Chris Huggins, University of Ottawa
  • Agatha Siwale-Mulenga, SAIPAR (online) and Alex Caramento, York University
  • Richard Saunders, York University and Lyman Mlambo, University of Zimbabwe

11:15-11:30 15-Minute Break

11:30-13:00  Indigenous Sovereignty and Resistance

Chair: Viviana Patroni, York University

  • Yojana Miraya Ossco, University of Toronto – “Indigenous Women’s Resistance in the Context of Mining Extractions in The Andes of Peru” (online)
  • Aditi Basu, Independent Researcher – ‘Nationalizing Resources and Ecological Conservation in India: A ‘Paradox’ for Jharkhand’s Marginal Communities in the 21st Century?’ (online)
  • Vivi Nguyen, York University – ‘Rare Earth Elements and Indigenous Self-Determination’

13:00 – 14:00  Lunch

14:00-15:15   Keynote:  “Access to Health, Mining Revenue and Public Policies in West Africa”

             Bonnie Campbell, UQAM, Montreal

15:15-15:30  15-Minute Break

15:30-17:00  (Neo)extractivist Models in Latin America and the Caribbean (Bilingual)

Chair: Antulio Rosales, York University

  • Thomas Chiasson-Lebel, Université de l’Ontario Français – ‘Du nationalisme des ressources à l’extractivisme du désastre: le rêve devenu cauchemar en Équateur’
  • Pedro Alarcón, CISEPA – ‘The Latin American Developmental State: Trajectories of Natural Resource Nationalism’ (online)
  • Tamanisha John, York University – ‘Guyana: Myth of Capitalist Resource Extraction as Development’
  • Craig Johnson (University of Guelph), Araceli Clavijo (CONICET), et al. – “Pathologies of extraction: Lithium dilemmas in Latin America’

[30 Minute Break]

17:30-19:30 Seminar and Reception hosted by the Department of Politics

          Verney Room, South Ross 674

         “The big deal in global resource nationalist politics: insights from Tanzania

        Japhace Poncian, Mkwawa University College of Education

Day 2 – Wednesday, May 29th

9:00-10:00  Resource Nationalism in Southern Africa: Productive Linkages

Chair: Marja Hinfelaar, SAIPAR

  • Jesse Ovadia, University of Windsor
  • Lyman Mlambo, University of Zimbabwe
  • Alex Caramento, York University

10:00-11:30  Resource Nationalism and Environmental Justice

Chair: Chris Huggins, University of Ottawa

  • Rahul Basu (Goa Foundation) and Scott Pegg (IUPUI) – ‘Minerals are a shared inheritance: Accounting for the resource curse’ (online)
  • Patrick Bond, University of Johannesburg – ‘Resource nationalism’s inter-generational, depletion, pollution, emissions and social-reproduction blind spots’ (online)
  • Evelyn Kipkosgei, OISE – University of Toronto – ‘Environment and Transnationalism: Fluorspar Mining in Kerio Valley, Kenya’ (online)

11:30-11:45  15-Minute Break

11:45–13:00  Keynote: “Extractive Bargains: State-Society Nexus vis-à-vis the Politics of (Post)-Extractivism”

   Nathan Andrews, McMaster University

13:00-14:00   Lunch

14:00-15:30   Innovative Approaches to Studying the Political Economy of Resource Extraction in East and Southern Africa

Chair: Japhace Poncian, Mkwawa University College of Education

  • Kennedy Manduna, University of Witwatersrand – ‘The spatio-temporality of mining extractivism in the age of resource nationalism: Seeing Zimbabwe’s extractive industry indigenisation through Critical Theory’ (online)
  • Kady Seguin, IMPACT – ‘In-Country Value Addition and Artisanal and Small-Scale Gold Mining in Uganda’ (online)
  • Chris Roberts, University of Calgary – ‘Is free carried interest getting carried away? The promises and pitfalls of state equity participation in mining without skin-in-the-game’
  • Benjamin Ofosu-Atuahene, Queen’s University, ‘Resource Nationalism(s) for Whom? Agential Constructivist Insights from Botswana’s Diamond Sector’

15:30-15:45      15-Minute Break

15:45-17:15      Examining the Regulatory and Ideological Foundations of Resource Nationalism in West and Central Africa (Bilingual)

Chair: Bonnie Campbell, UQAM

  • David Damtar, University of Oxford – ‘‘‘Under the ‘Cockerel’s’ Rule’’: Making Meaning of Resource Nationalism in Nkrumah’s Ghana (1950-1966)’ (online)
  • Emmanuel Graham, York University – ‘Resource Nationalism in Africa: A Critical Political Economy Analysis of Petroleum-driven Industrialisation in Ghana’
  • Alhassane Keita, UQAM – ‘Le nationalisme des ressources face aux impératifs de la réglementation de l’investissement direct étranger : le cas du Libéria’
  • Fidèle Menavanza, Université Laval – ‘Nationalisme des ressources et recettes fiscales : initiatives d’investissement social et de justice fiscale. Expérience de la République démocratique du Congo (RDC)’

Day 3 – Thursday, May 30th

9:00 -10:30    Resource Nationalism in Southern Africa: Fiscal Linkages

 Chair: Lyman Mlambo, University of Zimbabwe

  • Marja Hinfelaar, SAIPAR and Sylvia Mwamba, SAIPAR (online)
  • Japhace Poncian, Mkwawa University College of Education
  • Richard Saunders, York University

10:30-12:00    Social Movements, Community Advocacy, and Resource (sub)Nationalisms

Chair: Pablo Idahosa, York University

  • Caesar Apentiik and Maddie Fleming, University of Calgary – ‘Unveiling the Dynamics of Resource Nationalism: A Case Study of Mining in Ghana’s Upper East Region’ (online)
  • Omar Faruque, University of New Brunswick – ‘Resource Nationalism, Energy Politics, and Social Movements in Bangladesh’
  • Raras Cahyafitri and Nanang Indra Kurniwan, Universitas Gadjah Mada – ‘Local politics in resource nationalism narrative: An insight from Merah Putih discourse in tin mining in Bangka Belitung, Indonesia’ (online)

12:00–12:30  Closing Remarks and Reflections

Richard Saunders, York University

Pablo Idahosa, York University

12:30–13:30  Lunch

We would like to thank the following sponsors for their generous support of this conference:

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada

Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies, York University

Department of Politics, York University

African Studies Program, York University

Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association