Lyman Mlambo  

Institutional Affiliation: Institute of Mining Research, University of Zimbabwe 

Lyman Mlambo, the current Chairman of the Institute of Mining Research at the University of Zimbabwe, has been with the Institute as Mineral Economist since 2002. He holds an MSc Economics, BSc Economics and Certificate in Mineral Resource Valuation. He has also undergone training in mining professional development courses with UNCTAD Vi, Centre for Continuing Engineering Education (Zimbabwe) and the Global Academy for Mining, Oil and Gas. Prior to joining the Institute, he worked for 6 years as an Economist with the Zimbabwe National Economic Planning Commission (under the Office of the President and Cabinet) and the Rural Development Fund (Zimbabwe). Mlambo has sat as an Assessor at the Administrative Court of Zimbabwe since 2012.  

His current research is focused on mining policy, mining sector transparency, artisanal and small-scale mining, mining and sustainable development, mining taxation, mineral linkages, and mineral commodity market analysis. He has consulted for and worked with several organizations, including the African Development Bank, United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, USAI-SERA, The Open Society Institute for Southern Africa, Raw Materials Group (Sweden), and a number of other local, regional and international public, business and not for profit research organisations. Recent research projects have included: Challenges and opportunities for integration of large-scale mining (LSM) and small-scale mining (ASM) sectors in Zimbabwe; Contribution of artisanal and small-scale gold mining to Zimbabwe’s economic growth and development; Extractives and sustainable development in Zimbabwe; Zimbabwe mining fiscal revenue and industry competitiveness; and Significance of price in determination of Zimbabwean gold production. He has published 6 commissioned reports, 16 peer-reviewed articles in international journals, 2 non-refereed articles, and books reviews.  



Publications (Selected): 

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