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York University, Canada’s third-largest university, is a Toronto-based internationally-recognized centre of research excellence, critical inquiry and community outreach. Mandated by its Strategic Research Plan (2018-2023), the university is committed to advancing the examination and critique of existing social structures and debates, and strongly encourages the understanding and transformation of attitudes towards power differentials in a range of social, political and economic formations. York is well-known for its multidisciplinary research expertise in natural resources governance, social justice and political economy, and its linkages with other research institutions, communities, business and political decision-makers is a keystone of the university’s outreach and knowledge mobilization strategy. Among the international networks supported by the university is the Extractive Industries Research Group, a York-based international consortium of researchers and advocacy groups working on minerals, oil and gas whose membership spans five continents. York is committed to building cooperative links with its African research partners, and has strongly supported Prof Richard Saunders (Principal Investigator of the current project) in his continuing research collaborations with African academic and community institutions. 

For more information, please visit: https://www.yorku.ca/ and @yorkuniversity